WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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What is an electronic cigarette?

E-cigs are an electronic device that can be an alternative to smoking tobacco products. They come in many shapes and sizes, but each of them provides a way to satisfy those nicotine cravings without the harmful carcinogens and toxic chemicals that are in a cigarette.

Can an electronic cigarette help me quit smoking traditional cigarettes?

E-cigs have not yet been studied or proven to be a smoking cessation device and cannot be advertised or marketed as such. However, many people who purchase an e-cig, do so for health reasons and many change from smoking tobacco to vaping. It is very common to see customers work at dropping their nicotine level to the point where the eventually have zero nicotine in their juice.

We would highly advise that you do some research on your own. A good place to start would be They are the industry's advocates and they have a ton of valuable (and accurate) information on their site. It is important that you understand what you are getting into for your own peace of mind. Not to mention the knowledge you gain can then be passed along to friends and family members who ask you about it.

How does an electronic cigarette work?

All e-cigs have a rechargeable battery and a tank. Within the tank, there is a coiled wire that is wrapped around a piece of wicking material. This is often referred to as an atomizer or simply a coil. When the tank is connected to the battery and the battery is activated, the coil heats up and the juice is vaporized. This vapor is inhaled and then exhaled by the user.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Long term studies are being conducted as you read this. Initial studies have shown that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to cigarettes. They have also shown that the second hand vapor is safer for those around someone vaping. In comparison to a traditional cigarette, which has 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing compounds and 400 other toxins. The juice vaporized in an electronic cigarette, contains four ingredients, that are safe for human consumption. These ingredients include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, food flavoring and if desired nicotine. We strongly suggest that you spend some time and read up on the safety of electronic cigarettes. That way you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you think it is safe. A good place to start would be There you will find all kinds of information related to electronic cigarettes.

What do I need to get started?

In order to get started you will need a battery, a tank, a charger and a bottle of e-juice. At VaVaVape, we offer a few different starter kits that provide an excellent starting point and they don't break the bank either.

How long will my tank/coil and battery last before I need to replace them?

Tanks and/or coils do have an age life. The typical life of a tank (if it's disposable) or a coil (for tanks with replaceable coils) is around 2-4 weeks. We realize that's a pretty large difference in time, but unfortunately there's not an exact number that can be given. The reason for this is because there are a few factors that can effect this. Like what power setting you use, what flavor you are vaping, how many times you take a draw on your e-cig in a day and how long your drags are. An old coil will have low vapor production, sometimes the draw will tighten up, your juice will be dark once its put in your tank and you may get a consistant burnt taste, no matter what you do to get rid of it.

A battery is a little different. As long as you take care of your battery, it should last you over 300 charge cycles. So, if you charge your battery once a day, it should last you around 10 months or so. This number can vary greatly though. When you charge it, how long you leave it on the charger, how clean you keep it and how you handle it will all effect the life of the battery. See our battery information page for some tips and suggestions that may help you prolong the life span of your batteries.

Need a hit, but your battery is on the charger? Grab an extra battery or two. That way you have a back up or better yet, a back up for your back up. You may also consider a pass through battery, which has the ability to be used while its plugged in.

What are the contents of my e-juice?

Every bottle of e-juice from VaVaVape is hand crafted by our master juice chefs. Generally speaking, e-juice contains a combination of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), food flavoring and if desired, nicotine. Our house e-juice is mixed with a 50% PG and 50% VG blend, as it provides the best balance of both throat hit and vapor production. All e-juices can be mixed to contain varying amounts of nicotine. We offer our juices with either 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg of nicotine.

How much nicotine should my e-juice have?

The amount of nicotine in your juice is initially determined based on the amount of traditional cigarettes you smoked in a day. All of our e-juice comes in a variety of nicotine strengths, from no nicotine to 24mg of nicotine. As a general guide, 0.6mg would be suggested for a half a pack or less a day smoker, 12mg would be suggested for a pack to a pack and a half a day smoker, 18mg would be for a pack and a half to two and a half packs a day smoker and 2.4mg would be for the 3 packs or more a day smoker. These numbers are just guidelines, everybody's experience is different, so it is all relative to the individual enjoying the vape.

How long will my battery / juice last?

This is a tough question that gets asked daily. Just as everyone goes through a pack of cigarettes at a different rate, people will also go through battery and juice at a different rate. Generally, a 650mAh battery should last at least 75% of a typical day and a 10ml bottle can last around 5 days. Of course these numbers can vary dramatically, but this gives you the basic idea.

How long does it take to charge my battery?

This question has a lot of answers. The biggest factor is the size of battery being charged. The smaller, nano batteries can charge up in about an hour or so and the larger mod batteries can take 6 hours or more to fully charge. Another variable that effects the charge time is the method of charging. It has been found that not all USB plugs are created equal. Please use caution when charging your battery, use of an adapter with too high of a power output can destroy the charger or battery. Using your computer or one of our wall or car adapters is the only way we recommend to charge your ego batteries. A computer regulates the power automatically and we know the power output of our charger adapters are safe. Now, if you are using mod batteries (18350, 18650) you will need a stand alone charger designed for charging these types of batteries. VaVaVape carries two different mod battery chargers, one by TrustFire and two by Nitecore. The Nitecore chargers are considered to be smart because they can adjust the charging parameters based on the battery type installed into the bay.

Why does my juice turn color in the bottle?

Juice will turn colors in the bottle as the juice steeps. It isn't a bad thing, if anything its probably a good thing. When juice is steeped, flavors can be more pronounced, making that good juice great! So, if you order your juice and it's a different color than the bottle you just finished, don't worry, all is good.

Why does my juice turn color in the tank?

When your juice turns color in the tank it could be a sign that your coil is getting old. As the coil gets used, residue from the juice will accumulate on the coil. As your juice runs over the coil in the tank, the residue washes off the coil and mixes with your juice. This residue itself shouldn't cause any issues with your vaping, however, old coils can result in a change in flavor, a consistent burning taste, very low vapor production or it may work intermittently.

What is resistance and why should I care?

Resistance is basically the amount of friction the electricity encounters as it flows through a wire. This friction reduces the flow of electricity. The more it flows, the faster and hotter the coil will heat up. So a coil with a resistance of 3.0 ohms will take a little longer to heat up compared to a 1.8 ohm coil. In turn, the 1.8 ohm coil will drain your battery power quicker than if you were using the 3.0 ohm coil. When adjusting the power output of your battery, the resistance of the coil being used must be taken into consideration. If you set the power to high, the juice will vaporize, but the wicks will not be able to keep up with the juice demand and result in a burnt taste from the dry wick. When using a variable voltage device, it would be recommended to use 2.0-2.5 ohm coils and adjust the power accordingly.

What type of maintenance is required for an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes aren't really high maintenance devices, but some care should be taken in order to extend the life of your devices. Out of everything you can do, keeping the battery terminal (where the tank attaches to the battery) as clean as you can is very important. Juice, dirt, pocket lint, etc. can interfere with the connection of the tank and battery or battery and charger resulting in a bad connection. This bad connection could result in poor performance or the device may not work at all. Tanks and coils can be cleaned using distilled water. Using tap water is not recommended because the minerals in the water can accumulate on the coil, shortening the life of the coil.

What's the difference between variable voltage and variable wattage?

A variable voltage mod allows the user to adjust the power output of the device expressed in volts. Depending on the device used, the range can be from 3.2v - 6.0v, although, smaller, eGo style batteries will usually max out at 4.2v or 4.8v. This setting will need to be adjusted when a different resistance coil/tank is used.

A variable wattage device allows the user to adjust the power output of the device express in watts. Depending on the device used, the range can be from 3.0w - 15w. When you change your coil/tank to one with a different resistance, the device will automatically adjust the voltage from the battery to give the correct amount of power for the coil being used, based on the current wattage setting. This doesn't mean that adjustments wont be needed. Finding that sweet spot is always key to a well performing device.

What's the difference in a top coil and bottom coil clearomizer/tank?

A top coil and a bottom coil are pretty self explanatory. A top coil has the coil assembly at the top of the tank and a bottom coil has the coil assembly at the bottom of the tank. A top coil tank will tend to have a warmer vape than a bottom coil. With a bottom coil, the vapor has more travel time before it gets to your mouth. This extra time gives the vapor time to cool down a little.

Why is my electronic cigarette giving me a sore throat?

A sore throat is one of the recognized symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. This could be what's causing the soreness, however, some people have reported allergic reactions to the PG that's in the base of e-juice. Our in house juices are mixed with 50% PG and 50% VG. If you feel this may be the cause, it would be recommended to switch to a VG dominate juice. If the soreness persists, please consult a doctor, as it may be unrelated to e-cigs.

Why does my electronic cigarette make me choke and cough?

There are a few things that could be causing this. The first thing that comes to mind is the nicotine level in the juice being vaped. The higher the nicotine level, the harsher the hit is, or the more throat hit you will get. Also, the power setting of the device you are using may be set too high. It could also be caused by the flavor being vaped.

Why does my vape taste bad?

Usually, the first thing to look at is the age of the coil being used. As a coil ages, the flavor can shift or a burnt taste may become prevalent. It could also be caused by vaping too quickly. If you chain vape, the wicks may not be able to keep up with the juice demand and will result in a burnt taste. The bad taste could also come from the juice level being low. In top coil tanks, when the juice level lowers, the wicks have to work harder to wick from the bottom of the tank. You could tilt the tank to make the remaining juice flow up to the coil or just top off your tank and vape on!

Why do I hear gurgling and/or get juice in my mouth?

This is caused by a flooded tank. All tanks and cartomizers have a center air passage way. When a draw is taken, air comes up from the bottom of the tank, through the center air passage, across the coil and into the mouth of the vaper. If juice gets into the air passage, gurgling will occur and it is possible that you will pull the juice into your mouth. If you do, don't worry, you wont keel over and die. I say that joking, but do not drink the bottle. Consentrated nicotine is a dangerous poison and should be treated as such. Keep all e-juice out of the reach of children and pets.

Can I use my electronic cigarette anywhere?

Unfortunately, this answer is no. Although, electronic cigarettes have initially be proven safer than a traditional cigarette, they can sometimes have a negative perception. This is especially the case when the people saying "no, you can't do that here" don't know the real facts. Some establishments and even cities have banned the use of e-cigs, but there are many out there that don't mind. It is important that you are polite and respectful when you are asked not to vape.

Can I save money compared with smoking traditional cigarettes?

Yes! As long as you have some will power. I say that joking because for some of us, the mod bug bites us and we begin collecting different devices. Do we need all of them? Of course not, but it's nice to switch things up from time to time. If you can keep your wants separated from your needs, you can save a great deal of money. One pack of cigarettes costs $5 or more and a typical smoker will buy one pack per day. One 10ml bottle costs less than $6 (from us) and will last a typical vaper about a week. The savings are obvious!

What tobacco flavor matches my favorite cigarette?

This question has to be asked every day at every vape shop. Everyone making the transition thinks that they have to have a tobacco flavor. I know, I was one of them. Unfortunately, they will not be able to find an exact match to their favorite cigarette. Don't get me wrong, there are some that are really close, but replicating a burnt tobacco leaf with a vaporized liquid is very difficult. What I'm saying, is try them. You will find some very diverse tobacco flavors, VaVaVape has several, but don't limit yourself to just tobacco flavors, you may find a flavor you can't do without. Just like I did.

How should I store my juice and how long will it last?

First and foremost, All e-juice MUST be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Treat the bottle of e-juice just like you would a pack of cigarettes. Store them so that they will not be confused with cooking ingredients or medicines. Concentrated nicotine is a dangerous poison and must be treated as such.

Ideally, e-juice should be stored in a cool, dark place because juice is effected by heat and light. Propylene glycol is a bactericide and virucide, so it doesn't suffer from degradation. However, vegatable glycerine and the flavoring might. When exposed to light and air, nicotine can degrade. We at VaVaVape, recommend that you discard juices 1 year after it's mixed or purchased date.

How can I tell if my coil needs to be replaced?

Although there isn't an obvious visual que that tells you its time to swop your coils, there are small clues that can help you narrow it down. Before I get into them, let me explain generally why a coil goes bad.

A coil is nothing more than an electrical wire. As this wire heats the juice, a small build up on the coil will start to form. As this build up thickens, it acts as an insulator on the wire. Rinsing your coil in tap water can increase this build up, as the minerals in the water will leech to the metal wire. There are other ways a coil can go bad (poor maintenance, limited use/long storage, etc).

Having said that, the biggest clue that you coil is bad is going to be the performance. A fresh coil, without any build up, will heat up to vaporizing temp quickly. As a result you will pull in more vapor during your draw. With a used coil, with build up, will take longer to reach vaporizing temperature. This will result in part of your draw pulling in just air, followed by a short period of vapor. The vapor production will decrease as the coil ages and the build up accumulates.

Other signs of a bad coil will include a burnt or unfavorable flavor from you favorite juice, juice discoloration when its added to your tank and excessive leaking.

How do I clean my tank / coil?

Let me first start by saying it is not recommended to clean a coil. This isn't a ploy to get you to buy more coils, it's a warning. By rinsing/cleaning your coils you are actually shortening the life of the coil. Water contains minerals. Minerals cling to metal (coils). This adds to the normal build up on the coil and speeds up the replacement frequency. (see How to tell if my coil is bad? for more details). If you insist, use distilled water, rinse in warm, distilled water and allow for adequate drying time. Water will not vaporize like your juice and the performance of you tank will suffer until the water is out of the wicks.

When it comes to most tanks, a rinse in warm water and drying it is all that's required. Disassemble the tank into as many pieces as it can be properly broken down to. Don't force it, not all tanks disassemble the same and you could break your tank. The further it can be disassembled, the more thorough you can clean it and it makes it a bit easier to dry.


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