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E-Cig Maintenance

By: VaVaVape Staff  |  Revised: 2015

We are asked all the time about maintenance and although there isn't a lot of maintenance involved, there are some things you can do to keep things working smoothly. In this article we will touch on the basic care of an e-cig, ways to keep it clean and we'll throw in a few pointers that will keep you vaping.

Basic Care

Although most devices out can take a small scale beating with little to no effect, they aren't bullet proof and they can only handle so much. Of course you don't want to drop your device, that should go without saying. Other than dropping it, the biggest cause for damage can be from carrying it in your pocket.

Your pocket is often aligned with your waist. So if you bend over, your pocket will essentially be folded. If your e-cig is in there, there's a good chance it could snap. The joint between the tank and the battery is the weak point and will most likely be the location of the brake, although it is possible for a tank or the battery itself to come apart. Larger devices that are thicker in diameter can be a bit tougher, but even they can break or have other issues being kept in your pocket. Ways to combat this include neck lanyards, pouches or cases. An e-cig in a small case, which is then put in your pocket, is still safer than just the e-cig in there by itself.

Keeping it Clean


Aside from phsyical damage, as mentioned above, e-cigs have another enemy that can bite you. I'm referring to cleanliness. Since e-cigs have a tank with juice in them (that has a hole in it - required by design), it only stands to reason they will have the possibility to get juice where it shouldn't be. Generally speaking, getting some juice on your device isn't the end of the world. Your hands may get a little slippery, but as long as it's not excessive, a gentle wipe can take care of it.

You should keep your device as dry as possible. If you feel juice when you grab your device, figure out where it came from and wipe it up. If you see juice accumulated on the top of your battery, dab it out with a paper towel. Electric devices have never gotten along with liquids and e-cigs are no different. If your device gets covered in too much juice, it could seep in and reach the battery or chip. This would most likely be the end of the device and you'd be lucky if that was the worst thing that happened. In some circumstances, batteries have been known to die violently.

Tips for a Smooth Vaping Experience

After you have been vaping for a while, you will start to figure out little things to do that make your vaping experince a little smoother and less of a hassle. Below are a few suggestions we've come up with to help speed up that process.

  • Keep it out of your pocket, when possible.
  • Keep it cleaned of any liquid or debris. Don't allow anything to interfere with the connection.
  • Be on the lookout for causes of tank flooding (pulling too hard, improper filling, etc.) and avoid them.
  • If you have flooded your tank, you will most likely have liquid in the top of your battery. If so, dab it out.
  • Change your coils in a timely manner. The older the coil, the lower the performance of the coil.

Now this isn't an end all list. There are other things that you will find that you do that makes life a little simpiler and most other things that could be mentioned are mostly common sense. Like, don't wash in the washing machine... I'm guilty of that one.

If I had one bit of advise to give, it would be to be patient. Especially if you are transitioning from traditional cigarettes. You have most likely been smoking for several years. Over those years, you have figured out everything there is to smoking a cigarette and you know exactly what to do to get your satisfaction. I'm sure many of you can remember coughing the first time you took a drag off a cigarette. Just like that situation, with some time, you will become an expert vapor in no time.


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